You see, there is something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time. I guess I’d never found the proper situation to say it, but I think the time has come. It’s so strange how a few words can be so tough to be spoken… But believe me, they ain’t no shallow words, they come from the depth of my heart, and I do hope you don’t think bad of me after I say it, as it’s something I’ve been keeping inside for years. Since we met, actually! What I wanna say is… Fuck you.



So it seems
we said things
teased for fun
(at least I did)

And if you did not
What to do?
I can’t pretend
to be into you

Forgive me
I did not see
it was your heart
you were giving

So take it back
into your chest
I won’t have that
don’t want it hurt

I say let’s untie these knots on our shoelaces
so they can be worn tomorrow morning


Feed me news
Feed me memories
Feed me with others’ lives
Familiarize me with the depth of the others
Formalize my own shallowness
Fear is all I feel
For I finally realize I am
Foolish and lacking true likes and
Faking feelings and thoughts, I
Fret fractions of
Freaking small problems
Frankly freaking!
Finding that my
Facade has its
Foundations in quicksand
Feed me!
For I starve for I don’t know what
Forsake me not
Feed me!
For I yearn for fullness
For I’m full of emptiness


find yourself by standing in the storm
by disguising your tears as raindrops
by disguising your smile as the rainbow that follows

find yourself by setting your head under the waterfall
so heavy it seems to be crushing your skull
so loud that all you can hear is your thoughts

find yourself by facing the seawaves
letting them crash against your spirit
testing their and your forces

find yourself by unwillingly staying under the cold shower
by being weak and powerless
by being stronger than yourself

Poem to Draw a Line (Closer)

I drew a line
I drew another
calculated the sine
made the line shorter
and then the curves
o, those curves

(that in my dreams
are part of a road
that follows the coast
and the region map
is her legs and chest
and I drive, shades on
Europe on the stereo
no car in sight but mine
and I make air waves
as sea waves crash
— lifting foam
wind plays with her hair
she also has shades on
and smiles as she sings along
‘Girl from Lebanon’)

life, why so unfair?
why grip me in her tangling hair
that exhales this rare scent
imported from heaven?
and if for me she wasn’t meant
I’d like to meet the one who sent
the right package to the wrong one
and tell them it wasn’t fun
there’s no sense in being alone
girl from Lebanon

and the eyes
o, those eyes
irises of perfect hue
that fit no one but you
when they’re a-leering — alluring me
these ponds of green
indiscreetly draw me in
how long can we go on
singing any other song
than Girl from Lebanon?

I’ll let you be my ruler
we can draw a shorter line
so you can call me whistling
and I can call you mine


too alert to awake
too tired to rest
too leader to lead
too late to go fast
too far to give up
too there to reach
too dumb to learn
too smart to teach
too strong to stand
too royal to reign
too easy to bend
too hurt to feel pain

too happy to smile
too sad to cry
too alive to live
too dead to die